Huata came out from the foggy swamps of Britanny (France) in late 2006 to spread some fuzz and occult precepts through the holy celtic lands. After few ceremonies and the recording of a demo, the cult has dispersed and new disciples needed to be gathered. Thus, the two great gurus remaining made an offering to the gods of DOOM.

"Open the gates of Shambhala" the first official ritual performed by the chosen few -with the help of some enslaved souls- has been directed by Kristian Keyboard Production (Warsaw Was Raw, ((remote)), Quartier Rouge) and offered to the damned via Throatruiner records. Zugzwang productions has been recently part of the doom propaganda, making a reissue of this ceremony for the true audience in tape format.

A new cult has been gathered to record a new ceremony in 2010: "Atavist of Mann", still commanded by Kristian Keyboard Production, goes further into occultism, fantastic realms, space travels and holy quests. De arte magica is proud to orchestrate the release of this satan worshipping ritual.

We shared ceremonies with the following:

- Electric Wizard (UK)
- Ramesses (UK)
- Ultraphallus (Belgium)
- Cementerio (Spain)
- The Bottle Doom lazy band (France)
- Goudron (France)
- Ofo Am (France)
and many more local bands.