Who we are

DE ARTE MAGICA is a brand new doom worshipping cult of five labels gathered to produce the album "Atavist Of Mann" from the band HUATA. There is a small presentation of those disciples :

Boue Records is a DIY label from France of sludge, doom, black, crust punk and all sub genre.
We do some distro (CD / Vinyls / K7 / Zines), organisation of gigs and running a sludge fanzine call "Boue".
We released already many bands from the USA, Spain, Finland and France with Huata.


Mordgrimm was conceived in late 1996 by Fra. Nihil, founder and A&R Manager of Cacophonous Records, as a platform to release music from the more underground Black Metal scene. The label's first release, "In Times Before The Light" by Covenant, achieved large sales for a small label and garnered much publicity. The label has since become synonymous with cult classics by Arkhon Infaustus and Osculum Infame, the first two album releases by Anaal Nathrakh and the promising debut by Dragged into Sunlight.


Odio Sonoro is a DIY label based in Northern Spain.
Rock, Doom, Sludge, Psych, Punk, Metal, Black, Grind, Hardcore, ...
Releases both Vinyls and CDs.
We have a small distro, in which we distribute releases from labels around the world.
We are open to trades.
We release already many bands from the Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country, France, Norway, Chile, Finland, ...
Long live rock!


psycheDOOMelic Records, Doom metal label from Austria, mostly focusing on traditional doom rock, but also covering sludge doom and other aspects of the genre.

One of the longest standings doom labels and besides Rise Above Records incl. the biggest doom metal online shop worldwide.

Throatruiner Records, Spreading filth, violence, vinyl and free downloads from France since MMIX. Mainly hardcore/black/sludge-oriented, we also distribute records from labels such as Deathwish Inc, A389, Robotic Empire, Southern Lord and many more.